Normal reseller hosts pack as many clients onto a server as they can - too few resources, too many sites. fivedev is different, with a cap on clients to each server, with constant tuning to ensure the best performance. Hosting is not limited to phpVMS clients, or phpVMS software - install whatever you need.

Hosting Details

Why fivedev?

I can get unlimited for the same price!
Your "unlimited" host right now really isn't unlimited - you're limited on the number of files you can have, and also you're given a really small slice of CPU time (I'd read the fine print), after which your account is suspended. There's a cap on clients per server at fivedev, because my biggest concern is...

Yes! Speed. Other shared hosts cram as many clients onto a server as they can... I'm constantly monitoring fivedev's servers to keep them running at their best. For instance, I've loaded nginx which serves up static content much faster (your images, files, etc - it can host over 1000 concurrent connections and use 2.5MB of RAM!)

Got a problem? Open a ticket, and it will be answered by me. So if you've got a problem, we'll fix it fast. phpVMS has an awesome, active community, who are eager to help!